About ECAE

Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) was established on February 1, 2011 under Council of Ministers Regulation (No 196/2010) as public enterprise supervised by the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI)

ECAE is the leading conformity Assessment body providing testing, inspection and certification services in Ethiopia. ECAE’s headquarters is located in Addis Ababa, with eight branch offices across the country with over 240 professional and support employees.  In addition, ECAE also has a branch office in Port of Djibouti, which provides conformity assessment services.

ECAE is an enterprise, that aims to enable quality products and services by providing reliable, independent, effective, accessible and efficient conformity assessment services through the implementation of internationally recognized & accepted laboratory testing, inspection and certification systems.


We strive to be Ethiopia’s most credible and trusted partner of choice in providing internationally recognized and accepted conformity assessment   services.


To provide internationally accepted and recognized conformity assessment and training services in support of manufacturing enterprises and service providers for domestic consumption and for import and export purposes to enable the efficient functioning of the economy and to facilitate consumer protection through the support of Ethiopian regulators for the protection of health, safety and the environment.


Accountability                        Credibility

Confidentiality                        Partnership

Continual improvement         Responsiveness

Serving the Society